Savex launched a new generation Savex product, both in powder and liquid forms.

Savex new generation is a completely innovative product with enhanced washing performances, new premium packaging design as well as a new form of communication on the package itself. With this innovation, Savex is becoming one of the best detergent manufacturers.

Savex white NG features an advanced bleaching system designed for blistering white clothes as well as a powerful activator for effective low-temperature washing.

Savex NG’s upgraded enzyme system makes stain removal easier than ever, while the extra cellulose keeps the colour and fabric intact.

Savex NG fresh leaves a powerful impression with one of the most intense scents in the market. Its freshness and longevity can only be compared to the Semena softener.

The new product in the Savex NG Color and Care line is the ultimate combination of quality washing with a gentle touch, thus adding freshness to your clothes whilst keeping the colour intact.

Don’t refrain from being a super mom/dad/friend/coworker due to dirty clothes. Savor the moment, thanks to Savex.